My Euro Collection

…and some world stuff too!

This website houses the entirety of my circulated euro-coin and -banknote collection. It also has some non-euro currencies too! Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all coins and banknotes listed on this site should be circulated. In other words, they shouldn’t’ve just come from a coin set I purchased from a coin mint. I think it’s just a lot cooler knowing that a piece of money was previously used in a real-world transaction.

Euro Coins and -Banknotes

The main focus of my currency collecting with a single currency that spans 26 countries and almost 350 million people. Standard issues, commemorative issues, and banknotes from all series are all included.

World Coins and -Banknotes

Money from around the world! This collection gets progressively larger over time, but is not my primary focus. There are a few countries in which I take special interest though.

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